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Benefits of the Atlas Pro Code:

  • Available channels: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia.
  • Other countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Arab countries, UK, Latin American countries, Turkey, USA, Canada, Africa and more.
  • Our content is diverse, rich and stable.
  • We provide about 6,000 TV channels, 7,000 films and 563 series.
  • 107 repeat channels are available for 15 days.
  • Some 188 French channels are available in FHD / UHD, HD or SD quality.
  • Video on demand is mainly in Full HD and in several languages.
  • VOD: The app allows you to continue a film or episode of a TV series from where you left off, even if you switch off the TV.
  • ATLAS PRO subscription offers a wide range of TV channels transmitted via the new OTT P2P streaming technology.

Remember: most apps installed with empty content and you need an IPTV Code to benefit from different channels, movies, and TV shows.

  • Contact us on our WhatsApp for direct support and quick conversations
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Why Atlas Pro IPTV Code?

ATLAS PRO subscription is currently the largest provider of French, Arabic and international channels on the market, offering all French, Belgian, Swiss, Italian, German and Arabic channels.

HD QUALITY! 1080p HD 720p Most ATLAS PRO channels are broadcast in different qualities, so you can enjoy your subscription at any bitrate. 1080p, 720p and low bitrate.

LIVE TV & VOD With ATLAS PRO you have access to about 4,500 TV channels. About 8,000 VOD channels are available, including current films and series of all categories in several languages (Arabic, French, English and Italian).

ATLAS PRO TECHNOLOGIES We want the best for our customers, so we are constantly evolving by introducing new technologies.

SERVER We have several servers around the world, so you can be sure of getting the best connection as close to your home as possible. ATLAS PRO package content: A playlist of + 4500 international channels and 8000 videos on demand (VOD) in French (films, serials, documentaries, children's, anime, sports... etc. ) in HD and Full HD and 94 films in 4K Available channels: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Albania, Arab countries Russia, UK, Latin America, Turkey, USA, Canada, Africa, India, Pakistan EPG and logos included ATLAS PRO compatible with: ATLAS PRO compatible with: Samsung and LG Smart TV (SMART ,), Sony Android Smart TV, Apple TV..., MAG Box, PC/MAC, smartphones and Android TV Box.....



  • Our iptv subscription is compatible with all devices on the market.
  • Smart TV: via SMART IPTV, NET IPTV, SET IPTV, Nanomid, Smartters IPTV player, Smart STB apps.
  • Set-top boxes: Android, MAG, Formuler z7/z8 through their apps (My tv online 1 and 2), Amazon fire stick and others.
  • Apps: Smartphones, tablets, PCs, IPTV Smartters Pro, VLC, Kodi, SS IPTV, GSE IPTV, Xtream iptv, Xtream api.
  • Operating systems: Windows, MAC, iOS, Android.
  • The atlas pro ontv or atlas pro max app is very stable. You will discover the best IPTV subscription code in France.
  • PROGRAMME TV: You can access the EPG (electronic programme guide) directly on your TV.
  • Programme TV will tell you everything you need to know about the programme you are watching (e.g. names of actors and directors, synopsis of the film, etc.).
  • You can see what's on other channels without having to switch. It's an interactive TV guide on your screen.
  • VPN: Our IPTV subscription is compatible with VPN services. So you can use it anywhere in the world.
  • CATCH-UP: Catch-up TV is where a football match, programme, film or series is broadcast live on television.
  • CATCH-UP is offered in our app as a streaming video for 15 days after it is shown live on the TV channel.
  • Programme Control: You can pause the channel, resume the programme, rewind or fast forward.
  • TIMESHIFT: Live control or time control is a method of controlling the recording of television content that allows you to view or rewatch a newly recorded time element, or more specifically, a television programme with a slight delay.
  • Zapping: ultra-fast with preview screen.
  • Available functions: Favourites, languages, search, EPG setting, expiry date display, date and time.


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