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DREAM TV Review 

DREAM TV is the best Full HD | IPTV High Server subscription +60,000 channels and VOD (films and series).

+9000 international channels in 4K / FullHD / HEVC / HD / SD formats.

+30.000 films and TV series in different languages and countries.

  • Dream TV is an IPTV system with increased stability.
  • Dream TV has developed a 4K panel according to the needs of retailers.
  • Dream TV has developed channel list according to the needs of end consumers.
  • Dream TV offers different qualities such as HD and 4K.
  • We offers 24/24 support.

Note: video player apps of different devices, most of them installed with empty content and to enjoy a wide range of channels and vod you need an IPTV subscription.

  • Contact us on our WhatsApp for direct support and quick conversations

What is Dreamtv? 

From now on, watching TV shows and channels will no longer be just a pastime. If you choose DreamTV IPTV service, you will immerse yourself in a world of unlimited possibilities. This IPTV service gives you access to a wide range of channels from all over the world, carefully grouped by countries and categories, which provides easy navigation and choice for every taste. In addition, with DreamTV IPTV you get access to thousands of VOD movies and TV series that are updated every day. With our IPTV subscription, you can enjoy unlimited entertainment and discover new shows, series and films from all corners of the world.

DREAM TV Subscription

DREAM TV works on a wide range of devices: Android TVs/phones/pad boxes, iOS devices, Smart TVs, Mag Linux boxes, PCs, etc.

Maximum 1 connection.

IPTV subscription is the new international trend as its excellent features meet individual needs and convenience. Our DREAM TV service offers standard and plus subscription packages for subscribers to choose from. In addition, we offer monthly, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month subscriptions. In addition, IPTV DREAM TV supports a 24-hour free trial period before you earn money for a real subscription. We are sure that you will be convinced that the DREAM TV active code is your best IPTV solution.

DREAM TV is the best IPTV Full HD | IPTV High Server subscription +60,000 channels and VOD (films and TV series).

+9000 international channels in 4K / FullHD / HEVC / HD / SD.

+30,000 films and TV series in different languages and countries.

PORSCHE TV is currently the market's largest provider of French and international IPTV and VOD channels. More than 10,000 HD/SD/3D/4K channels for all devices (IPTV on PC, IPTV tablet, IPTV smartphone, IPTV Smart TV, MAG IPTV, IPTV ENIGMA2, IPTV SPARK...).


Request a free 1-day trial to test our iptv server and keep it stable!

Without Cutting 

Our INFRASTRUCTURE guarantees data security at the highest level, so you can watch your channels 24 hours a day without interruption!

Advanced IPTV server

Redundant network connections with 10Gbps bandwidth guarantee fast data transfer!

Our IPTV channels :

France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Latin America, Brazil, Turkey, USA, Canada, Africa, India, Pakistan, ARABIA,...

Compatible devices:

- Smart TV (Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips, Sharp, Haier, Visio, etc.)

- All types of Android device (Android Box, Android TV, etc.)

- MAG (MAG200, MAG245, MAG245D, MAG250, MAG254, MAG255, MAG256, MAG257, MAG260, MAG270, MAG275, MAG322, MAG323, MAG324, MAG325, MAG349, MAG350, MAG351, MAG352, MAG420 WR ... any other type of 32 GAM)

- PC (VLC, Kodi, etc.)

- IOS (MAC, Iphone, Ipad...)

- Moresat receivers (Samsat, Echolink, Starsat, Pinacle ...)

- Receivers with Enigma 2 (Dreambox, Vu+...)

And other equipment...

Why buy a 12-month IPTV VOD subscription from DreamTV?

Discover the world: explore the world's channels without borders. Travel from your couch and immerse yourself in culture, news and entertainment from every corner of the globe.

Infinite entertainment: Enjoy unlimited access to thousands of movies and TV programmes on demand. No more waiting: Watch what you want, when you want.

Unrivalled compatibility: DreamTV subscription is compatible with all devices, be it Android smartphones, Smart TVs or even a Mag device, allowing you to enjoy your favourite content wherever you are.

Outstanding Quality: Experience exceptional picture and sound quality. Every detail is crisp, every sound is crystal clear - for a fully immersive experience.

Customer Satisfaction: Join the DreamTV community and see why our customers rave about their experiences. Our reviews speak for themselves.

Don't wait any longer to change the way you look at television. Order your 12-month DreamTV IPTV VOD subscription now and get ready for an unprecedented TV experience!

Don't miss out on this opportunity! Click the "Add to Cart" button and start your journey to unlimited entertainment!

Advantages of Dreamtv code

DREAM TV offers you the best and most reliable iptv subscription on the market, affordable with over 23,000 channels/VOD in various SD, HD, FHD and H265 quality depending on your connection speed.
Our server is stable, seamless and compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems:
- Android box, Smart TV, MAG, KODI, etc.
- Windows, Linux, MAC, VLC ... etc.
We can also send you the m3u link and help you set up your IPTV subscription on all platforms.

Why Choose us?

Fast delivery

Access to all our materials within one hour of ordering.

Server Stability

Our servers have a UPTIME of 99% when connected to the nearest servers.

Speed and smoothness

Our servers are characterized by smooth, fast, and uninterrupted operation.


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