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Details of Glob IPTV Pro Subscription:

Duration: 12 Months.

Reference : Global TV 12 Mois

The Glob IPTV Pro packages:

More than 8500 channels:

– Arab channels 

– French, Italian and Arabic sports channels

– French, Discovery channels 

– American channels; USA , UK and Canadian 

– Turkish channels

– Kids Arabic, French and American channels 


– Deutsch ………

More than 2800 films & vod (AR+FR+ANG…)

Over 900 series (AR+FR+Turkish…)

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This is how you use Glob IPTV Pro:

Glob IPTV Pro IPTV subscription works with a single device. To get the most out of your TV service, you need to check your chosen data rate and the distance or length of your ADSL line, which gives the attenuation factor. This is expressed in decibels (dB) and reflects the attenuation of the signal depending on distance and cable quality.

The lower the attenuation, the better the picture quality. Therefore, quality TV viewing requires a minimum bitrate and a maximum attenuation that must not be exceeded:

Recommended minimum bitrate for Glob TV Pro operation: 8 Mbps (dedicated IP only) Maximum attenuation 26 dB For a high-performance connection, we recommend: Connect the set-top box directly to the modem via cable rather than Wi-Fi to avoid interference and ensure a better connection. Do not connect the modem to an extension cord to reduce the risk of electromagnetic interference from electrical devices.

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